Our Children, Our Hope

“There is no trust more sacred then the one the world holds with children.”  -Kofi A. Annan, UN Secretary-General

We must realign our collective moral compass to point us to the future of our Nation – Our Children-Our Hope

When it comes to our Nation’s children, our humanity often wavers precariously between justice and injustice, hope and indifference. Our policies can often be equated to a dismissive shrug, yet this can’t possibly be our intention. We’ve written books, songs, poems, and editorials throughout the years, acknowledging that “children are our future,” yet our many of our policies fall short if they are meant to actually convince children that they do in fact matter.   If children could vote, they would vote for polices that enable all families to feed, clothe, house, and educate themselves. Budgets would support programs and resources that ensure all children live in safe communities and attend quality schools.

Children are counting on grown-ups to vote for policies and programs and ensure adequate funding streams that demonstrate how we cherish all children.  We must model human compassion and empathy for children and help them to build strong bodies and minds. One day children will be the grown-ups and we will depend greatly on them to lead our Nation. We need all of our Nation’s children to have integrity, compassion, a strong moral compass, an education, and the ability to lead the world, by example, toward peace and love.