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 “When you know better, do better.” -Maya Angelou

The Adverse Childhood Experiences study is no longer new research, so our claim of ignorance has long expired. We have been thrust into the uncomfortable “Now-What?”  place. You know the place.  It is an all too familiar void in space where critical, essential policies languish and sometimes die, long before they can positively impact lives. It is the space where the perceived work to turn things around seems to be so deep and broad that we don’t know where and how to begin.   Yes. We do need policies, funding and programs that address the multi-layered issues caused by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs); however, we cannot afford to simply wait. We cannot wait for the right policy to be written and shepherded through the many stages needed for it to positively impact children, families, and communities. Now that we know about ACEs, and their impact on the health and wellness of families and communities, we must do our part to make a difference.

Vote to change the polices in your work place, your state, and our nation to address the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences. Create nurturing spaces for adults and children in schools, agencies, and organizations. No voice is too small. Let’s do better.