John Lewis

“Love is a Better Way”

“The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined nonconformists who are dedicated to justice, peace and brotherhood. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thank goodness we have children in our world to give us hope. So many, (too many), tragic occurrences have unfolded in our Nation recently. There is no container, nor space, big enough to hold all the grief and pain. And yet, we must summon the courage, strength, wisdom and compassion to heal the hearts and lives of our children–in doing so, we will heal our own.  Children, quite simply by their presence in our lives, require us to become our best selves, in order to measure up to the hope they have in us and love they hold for us.  Children are constant reminders to humankind that though there is sorrow, there is also joy. We must nurture ourselves, so we are able to support the social emotional needs of our children.

Our interconnected mental wellness and ability to overcome adversity depends greatly on nurturing, supportive relationships (Center for Developing Child).  We persevere through challenging times when we hold fast to our faith, culture, strengths, and connections.  Children remind us daily to smile and laugh and to have hope, so we may more easily reconnect to our love for humanity while honoring deep love for ourselves. Love heals, renews and restores. Love transforms. “Be hopeful. Optimistic. Don’t get lost in a sea of despair. Love is a better way.” (John Lewis)