Differentiated Professional Development Coaching

Building the Capacity of Professional Learning Communities; Administrators, Caregivers, and Teachers, Parents; Cultural Liaisons
Attunement: Building Protective Factors in families and family partners

Program Development Coaching

Honoring the Beauty, Strength, and Capacity of all Learners; Creating Points of Access® to new learning experiences; Transferring Ownership of Knowledge through responsive programs; equipping families with essential skills for self-sustainability

Systems Change Coaching

adolesents jumping

A Multi-layered, Multi-level approach to supporting the growing needs of learning communities and agencies. Transformative Practice: Cultivating Climates conducive to long term sustainability of Positive Outcomes.

Why we are strong partners: Synergy

We recognize that strong leaders benefit from a fresh-knowledgeable perspective, Culturally Responsive, Culturally Relevant,Trauma Sensitive strategies, positive energy, and clear Assets-based action plans. We partner with your organization and build on your strengths. We support your efforts to build the capacity of the children and families you teach, guide and coach

Strengths-based Leadership (high expectations)

  • Parents are leaders of  their families (Home teacher)
  • Teachers are leaders of their classrooms (classroom teacher)
  • Administrators are leaders of the learning community
  • Cultural liaisons are bridges to resilience

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