What do babies think?


“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” -Frederick Douglass

Brain Science has given us a boost toward the high standards that babies have set for us. Children are born wired to learn. We need to understand critical POINTS of ACCESS TM to ensure babies are able to fulfill their potential, building on their innate capacities. Their extraordinary genius unfolds daily before our eyes as children learn, explore, and teach anyone willing to observe or engage them. Despite notable gains in science, the opportunity or achievement gap between African Americans, Latinos, and White students takes hold during toddler years and persists through adolescence.  We have an extraordinary opportunity to change the trajectory of children. Although life altering changes in education in this country seem to happen once about every 50 years, (Brown vs Board of Education) we can be poised for an educational systems change. It is the time. We need only galvanize the space where research, polices, funding, practice, and national consciousness are aligned for the good of all children.

We already know the statistical information about what happens when we miss our mark for children’s learning. We also know that it is possible to close the gaps in learning. We have the fundamental information we need– Brain science, which is a game changer. It is one of the keys to the door of opportunity for all children. The other key is love–rooted in equity. We know what is needed to build strong children in all spaces. Time to enact polices and funding streams to build all children’s capacities in their living and learning environments.